Newton Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix dispatcher params to not convert the array into string. This way its compatible with service defaults.

  • Add support to override host param in ceilometer config. Without this sometimes fqdn wont match and some nova metrics will be skipped.


New Features

  • Passes parameter to keystone authtoken define to manage python-memcache package install.


New Features

  • This adds the enable_proxy_headers parsing option which is used by the http_proxy_to_wsgi middleware.


Known Issues

  • Delete blank values from ceilometer::agent::polling namespaces array.


New Features

  • Configure keystonemiddleware in a consistent way with all options required for Keystone v3.

  • Add the ability to manage publishers in event_pipeline.yaml

Deprecation Notes

  • ceilometer::api::identity_uri is deprecated in favor of ceilometer::keystone::authtoken::auth_url

  • ceilometer::api::auth_uri is deprecated in favor of ceilometer::keystone::authtoken::auth_uri

  • ceilometer::api::keystone_tenant is deprecated in favor of ceilometer::keystone::authtoken::project_name.

  • ceilometer::api::keystone_user is deprecated in favor of ceilometer::keystone::authtoken::username.

  • ceilometer::api::keystone_password is deprecated in favor of ceilometer::keystone::authtoken::password.

  • ceilometer::api::memcached_servers is deprecated in favor of ceilometer::keystone::authtoken::memcached_servers.

Other Notes

  • remove deprecated parameter ceilometer::api::keystone_auth_uri and ceilometer::api::keystone_identity_uri


Bug Fixes

  • The keystone auth class has been updated to provide a default service_name to allow a user to specify a custom auth_name that may not contain the name of the service.

  • Added the ability to manage the memcached servers for keystone_authtoken in ceilometer::api

Other Notes

  • Remove deprecated auth options for ::keystone::auth class


New Features

  • Add support for oslo_messaging_amqp_backend via puppet-oslo resource

  • Add oslo.messaging transport_url parameters via puppet-oslo resource

  • Added messaging_urls parameter to ceilometer agents notification. The parameter accepts an array.

  • Switched ceilometer_config from ini_setting type to openstack_config type.

  • Added the ability to pass in messaging_urls into notifications agent. This will allow a user to configure ceilometer to talk to different virtualhosts or entirely different messaging queues.

  • Implement Gnocchi dispatcher configuration Add dispatcher options to ceilometer::collector and create ceilometer::dispatcher::gnocchi class, with current upstream options.

  • Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend.

  • Configure oslo related sections using puppet-oslo module. Messaging, database, logging, policy and notification parameters are configured from oslo defines now.

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

  • Ability to configure api, collector and notification workers.

Upgrade Notes

  • Update auth_type value to ‘password’ to use keystone auth plugin by default instead of ceilometer legacy keystone loader.

  • Remove hard-coded API version from auth url

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecate Ceilometer alarm classes. Alarming services (evaluator and notifier) in Mitaka were moved to Aodh OpenStack project.

  • Deprecate mongodb_replica_set parameter.

  • Use identity_uri and auth_uri by default.

  • The variable $metering_secret has been renamed as $telemetry_secret to match the name of the config option. The old variable will be removed in Ocata.

  • Remove QPID messaging support. Qpid messaging driver is removed from oslo.messaging so we won’t support anymore.

  • verbose option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.

Other Notes

  • Drop all Qpid support, it was removed from Oslo in Mitaka.