Train Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added cache_backend and manage_backend_package parameters to ceilometer class that is passed down to the oslo::cache resource.

  • Add TLS options for oslo.cache

Bug Fixes

  • Now the default meters use disk.device metrics instead of disk metrics, so that disk performance data can be captured by default.

  • The template file which is used to create pipeline.yaml when manage_pipeline is true was updated, and no longer includes usage of transfomer feature because this feature was already removed from ceilometer.


New Features

  • Allow users to run the RabbitMQ heartbeat over a native python thread in the oslo.messaging RabbitMQ driver, by using the rabbit_heartbeat_in_pthread option in configuration.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated parameters ceilometer::event_time_to_live and ceilometer::metering_time_to_live is removed.

  • The deprecated classes ceilometer::agent::central and ceilometer::agent::compute is removed. Please use the ceilometer::agent::polling class with the correct namespaces instead.

  • The deprecated class ceilometer::dispatcher::gnocchi is removed. All options that should be sent to gnocchi should be sent as URL parameters defined in the pipeline publishers for example if using the notification agent that is ceilometer::agent::notification::pipeline_publishers.

  • The deprecated pki related options check_revocations_for_cached and hash_algorithms option has been removed.


Deprecation Notes

  • database_idle_timeout is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use database_connection_recycle_time instead.