Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add new parameter tenant_name_discovery, whether to idenitfy user and project names from polled samples. This paramater is to be configured only when ceilometer central namespace is enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Configure tenant_name_discovery parameter on all nodes where ceilometer is expected to run. This inculdes central, compute and ipmi namespaces.


New Features

  • The ceilometer::agent::service_credentials::system_scope parameter has been added.


New Features

  • Add options to configure pymemcache’s HashClient retrying mechanisms (dogpile.cache) backend.

  • Add cache client retry options for the pymemcache (dogpile.cache) backend.

  • Add socket keepalive options for the pymemcache (dogpile.cache) backend.

  • Now this module supports CentOS 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

  • Support for the [compute] resource_update_interval parameter and the [compute] resource_cache_expiry parameter has been added.

  • The ceilometer::keystone::auth class now supports customizing roles assigned to the ceilometer service user.

  • The ceilometer::keystone::auth class now supports defining assignment of system-scoped roles to the ceilometer user.

Upgrade Notes

  • The ceilometer::amqp_allow_insecure_clients parameter has been removed.

  • The ceilometer::db::database_min_pool_size parameter has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters of the ceilometer class have been deprecated. Use the new ceilometer::cache class.

    • cache_backend

    • memcache_servers

    • cache_enable_socket_keepalive

    • cache_socket_keepalive_idle

    • cache_socket_keepalive_interval

    • cache_socket_keepalive_count

    • cache_tls_enabled

    • cache_tls_cafile

    • cache_tls_certfile

    • cache_tls_keyfile

    • cache_tls_allowed_ciphers

    • cache_enable_retry_client

    • cache_retry_attempts

    • cache_retry_delay

    • cache_hashclient_retry_attempts

    • cache_hashclient_retry_delay

    • cache_dead_timeout

    • manage_backend_package


New Features

  • The new ceilometer::cache class has been added.

  • The new ceilometer_rootwrap_config resource has been added. This resource can be used to manage contents of rootwrap.conf

  • The new ceilometer::config::ceilometer_rootwrap_config parameter has been added. This parameter accepts arbitrary configuration of rootwrap.conf.

Upgrade Notes

  • The deprecated ceilometer::agent::auth class has been removed. Use the ceilometer::agent::service_credentials class instead.


New Features

  • The new ceilometer::max_parallel_requests parameter has been added.

  • The ceilometer::agent::polling class now suppports the new batch_size parameter.

  • Support for the parameters used to poll metrics from the Radosgw service has been added.

  • The new ceilometer::agent::polling::service_types class, to manage parameters in the [service_types] section, has been added.

Upgrade Notes

  • The ceilometer::policy class has been removed.