Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new octavia::api::enable_proxy_headers_parsing parameter was added to support enable_proxy_headers_parsing parameter in Octavia.

  • The new octavia::keystone::authtoken::interface parameter has been added, which can be used to set the interface parameter in authtoken middleware.


New Features

  • Added parameters octavia::controller::amp_active_retries and octavia::controller::amp_active_wait_sec.

  • Support amp_image_owner_id setting in octavia controller Set using octavia::controller::amp_image_owner_id`

  • Added octavia::driver_agent for configuring driver agent properties.

  • The new octavia::service_auth::region_name parameter was added to specify keystone region where we expect service auth indentity is created

Upgrade Notes

  • Deprecated idle_timeout option has been removed.

  • The number of workers for octavia-worker now defaults to os_workers

Deprecation Notes

  • database_min_pool_size option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.


New Features

  • Added parameters to enable amphora log offloading.

  • Added Keepalived VRRP parameters.