Zed Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add new parameter failover_threshold to the octavia::health_manager class.

  • The new octavia::controller::agent_read_timeout parameter has been added. This paraemeter controls the [amphora_agent] agent_read_timeout option in octavia.conf.

  • The new octavia::controller::agent_tls_protocol parameter has been added. This parameter controls the [amphora_agent] agent_tls_protocol`` option in octavia.conf.

  • Added parameter allow_ping_health_monitors to the octavia::api class

  • The octavia::controller class now supports the following parameters, to customize behavior of the log offloading feature.

    • log_protocol

    • log_retry_count

    • log_retry_interval

    • log_queue_size

    • logging_template_override

  • The octavia::wsgi::apache class now supports customizing request/response headers added by apache.

  • The new octavia::audit class has been added. This class manages options of the audit middleware.

  • The octavia::driver_agent class now supports managing the package and the service required to run the octavia-driver-agent process in Cent OS and RHEL.

  • Added parameters for advanced configuration of httpd access and error log destinations including piped logging and syslog (see mod_syslog). Note that mod_syslog requires Apache2 >= 2.5.0.

  • The octavia::certificates class now supports the following two new parameters.

    • signing_digest

    • cert_validity_time

  • Adds support for the [controller_worker] amp_timezone configuration parameter. It allows to configure the timezone of the amphora.

  • The following parameters have been added the octavia::worker class, to support customizing type of the ssh key generated when the manage_keygen parameter is True.

    • ssh_key_type

    • ssh_key_bits

Upgrade Notes

  • CentOS 8 Stream is no longer supported by this module.

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters of the octavia::health_manager class have been deprecated. Use the same parameters of the octavia::controller class instead.

    • heartbeat_interval

    • heartbeat_key