Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The new octavia::keystone::authtoken::service_type parameter has been added to configure the service_type parameter in authtoken middleware.


New Features

  • Add mysql_enable_ndb parameter to select mysql storage engine.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated parameters of the octavia::worker class have been removed. Use the same parameters in the octavia::controller class.

    • amp_flavor_id

    • amp_image_tag

    • amp_secgroup_list

    • amp_boot_network_list

    • loadbalancer_topology

    • amphora_driver

    • compute_driver

    • network_driver

    • amp_ssh_key_name

    • enable_ssh_access

    • timeout_client_data

    • timeout_member_connect

    • timeout_member_data

    • timeout_tcp_inspect


New Features

  • The new octavia::keystone::authtoken::interface parameter has been added, which can be used to set the interface parameter in authtoken middleware.

Bug Fixes

  • Octavia switched oslo.policy from JSON to YAML format output.


New Features

  • The new octavia::api::enable_proxy_headers_parsing parameter was added to support enable_proxy_headers_parsing parameter in Octavia.