Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added parameter allow_ping_health_monitors to the octavia::api class


New Features

  • The octavia::certificates class now supports the following parameters.

    • barbican_auth

    • service_name

    • endpoint

  • The octavia::api::provider_drivers parameter now supports array or hash value, and the given value is conveted to correctly formatted string when being put into octavia.conf.

  • The new octavia::controller::default_connection_limit parameter has been added.

  • The new octavia::service_auth::system_scope parameter has been added.

  • The new octavia::task_flow class has been added. This class manages parameters in the task_flow section, which are required to use the amphora v2 driver.

  • The octavia::db::mysql class and the octavia::db::postgresql class now support creating a separate database for taskflow persistence.

  • The octavia::db::sync_persistence class has been added. This class invokes the command to initialize the taskflow persistence database.

Deprecation Notes

  • The octavia::health_manager::workers parameter has been deprecated. Use the health_update_threads parameter and the stats_update_threads parameter instead.

  • The octavia::api::provider_drivers parameter has been deprecated in favor of the new octavia::api::enabled_provider_drivers parameter.