Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add the ability to skip the mysql user and/or grant creation as part of the openstack::db::mysql resource.
  • os_transport_url puppet parser function can be used to generate valid transport_url URIs from a hash of connection parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • openstack::db::mysql could not be used to create multiple databases with the same user/password for access due to a duplicate mysql_user resource declaration. Now the user and/or grant creation process can be skipped if they already exist.
  • bug 1651215 The transport parameter was not being used so transport was fixed value ‘rabbit’
  • Add support for multiple regions in base provider code used by other puppet modules.


New Features

  • Allow to give an array of IP addresses to normalize_ip_for_uri and normalize each IP in the list.
  • Created a new fact called $::os_workers to be used as the defaults for any of the openstack service worker configurations. This fact will have a value between ‘2’ and ‘8’. The value of this fact is the larger value between ‘2’ and the number of processors divided by ‘4’ but will not exceed ‘8’.