Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • This add os_immutable fact that can be used in the puppet openstack module as value for all types that inherit openstack_config. Using ::os_immutable as a value of the configuration parameter will tell puppet to not change the current value, whatever it is.

Security Issues

  • Do not authorize directory listing

Bug Fixes

  • rhbz#1778052

  • LP#1854442


New Features

  • Implement a new fact, $::os_workers_heat_engine that is responding to a specific need with Heat Engine service, where minimum of workers will be 4 and maximum of 24.

Bug Fixes

  • The upstream services are moving their policy files into code which means they may not exist if a user tries to customize the policies. We’ve added an file resource to openstacklib::policy::base to ensure the file exists but this means that the user/group need to be passed into the module or it will possibly lock out services from being able to read this file as the defaults limit it to just root:root.

  • The os_workers_large fact now returns an Integer instead of a Tuple. It will also return a minimum value of 1.