Rocky Series Release Notes


Security Issues

  • Do not authorize directory listing

Bug Fixes

  • rhbz#1778052

  • LP#1854442


New Features

  • This add os_immutable fact that can be used in the puppet openstack module as value for all types that inherit openstack_config. Using ::os_immutable as a value of the configuration parameter will tell puppet to not change the current value, whatever it is.


New Features

  • openstacklib::wsgi::apache now has a parameter named custom_wsgi_script_aliases which can be used to add more WSGI script alises to the apache::vhost resource. These additional WSGI script aliases is added upon the default script alias which is $path combined with $wsgi_script_dir and $wsgi_script_file.

  • openstacklib::wsgi::apache now has support for headers, access_log_pipe, access_log_syslog, error_log_pipe and error_log_syslog params which will be added to the apache::vhost setup.

  • There’s a new environment variable for service-validation. With it, it is possible to pass in things like OS_PASWORD which should never appear in the command line.