Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Passes parameter to keystone authtoken define to manage python-memcache package install.


New Features

  • Configure keystonemiddleware in a consistent way with all options required for Keystone v3.

  • Support for policy files which are being added to Trove.

Deprecation Notes

  • trove::api::keystone_tenant is deprecated in favor of trove::keystone::authtoken::project_name.

  • trove::api::keystone_user is deprecated in favor of trove::keystone::authtoken::username.

  • trove::api::keystone_password is deprecated in favor of trove::keystone::authtoken::password.

  • trove::api::identity_uri is deprecated in favor of trove::keystone::authtoken::auth_url.

  • trove::api::auth is deprecated in favor of trove::keystone::authtoken::auth_uri.


New Features

  • Add oslo.messaging transport_url parameters via puppet-oslo resource

Deprecation Notes

  • For the guestagent, control_exchange moved to trove class definition as it is intrinsic to default messaging configuration. It can no longer be set via the guestagent class and will be removed in a future release.

Bug Fixes

  • The keystone auth class has been updated to provide a default service_name to allow a user to specify a custom auth_name that may not contain the name of the service.


New Features

  • Add support for oslo_messaging_amqp backend via puppet-oslo resource

  • Dependencies are now managed in an external class. This allows installing Trove via other methods besides packages.

  • In some environments, Trove guests will talk to rabbit via a different gateway or VIP and possibly using a different port. This might be done for security or separation reasons. This change allows the guestagent’s rabbit host(s) and port information to be different than that from the main cluster.

  • The client_package_name is now configurable. It defaults to the name in the params class.

  • Add notification system options in trove.

  • Add rabbit_ha_queues and amqp_durable_queues options.

  • Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend.

  • Switch to puppet-oslo resource usage (instead of manual configuration file editing).

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

Upgrade Notes

  • max_volumes_per_tenant, max_instances_per_tenant, max_backups_per_tenant added to subistitute deprecated parameters.

Deprecation Notes

  • Deprecate the templated version of guestagent.conf The templated copy of guestagent.conf is outdated and has been difficult to keep updated with correct defaults. Therefore we deprecate this file. Values will still be configured as before, but by the guestagent class.

  • max_volumes_per_user, max_instances_per_user, max_backups_per_user was deprecated in Mitaka and will be removed after Newton.

  • Deprecate old authentification parameters.

  • Remove deprecated mysql_module parameter.

  • Put all the logging related parameters to the logging class.

  • Remove QPID messaging support. Qpid messaging driver is removed from oslo.messaging so we won’t support anymore.

  • verbose option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.

Bug Fixes

  • when guestagent.conf is configured via template, it did not use the rabbit_hosts settings. This is now enabled. This change also moves the templated guestagent.conf rabbit config into the correct section. Finally this properly sets the ha_queues setting when the template is used.

Other Notes

  • Drop all Qpid support, it was removed from Oslo in Mitaka.

  • Change the default for swift_url in guestagent to be SERVICE_DEFAULT so that by default, installs will read the Swift URL from the Keystone catalog.

  • Removed deprecated options for trove::keystone::auth class.