Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add the ability to configure aes_cbc key for backup in trove-guestagent.conf


New Features

  • Passes parameter to keystone authtoken define to manage python-memcache package install.

Deprecation Notes

  • signing_dir option is now deprecated for removal, the parameter has no effect.


Deprecation Notes

  • trove::rabbit_host, trove::rabbit_hosts, trove::rabbit_password, trove::rabbit_port, trove::rabbit_userid and trove::rabbit_virtual_host are deprecated. trove::default_transport_url should be used instead.

  • trove::guestagent::rabbit_host, trove::guestagent::rabbit_hosts, and trove::guestagent::rabbit_port are deprecated. trove::guestagent::default_transport_url should be used instead.


New Features

  • Add ability to configure swift_service_type in guestagent.conf.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed documentation for log_dir parameter

Other Notes

  • Parameters that control the number of spawned child processes for distributing processing have had their default value changed from ::processorcount to ::os_workers.

  • removed deprecated trove::api::keystone_user

  • removed deprecated trove::api::keystone_password

  • removed deprecated trove::api::keystone_tenant

  • removed deprecated trove::api::identity_uri

  • removed deprecated trove::api::auth_url

  • removed deprecated trove::api::auth_uri

  • The verbose option was marked to be removed in Ocata, in Newton the option was deprecated.