Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Now this module supports CentOS 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.


New Features

  • The following parameters of the trove class have been deprecated. Use parameters of the trove::db class instead.

    • database_connection

    • database_idle_timeout

    • database_max_retries

    • database_retry_interval

    • database_max_pool_size

    • database_max_overflow

  • The new system_scope parameter has been added to the following classes.

    • trove::api::service_credentials

    • trove::guestagent::service_credentials

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated parameters of the trove class have been removed.

    • nova_proxy_admin_user

    • nova_proxy_admin_pass

    • nova_proxy_tenant_name

    • os_region_name

  • Now the trove::api::service_credentials class no longer looks up the auth_url parameter from the trove::keystone::authtoken class. The parameter should be defined properly.

  • The trove::guestagent::auth_url parameter has been removed.

  • Now this modules no longer use trove-conductor.conf and trove-taskmanager.conf. The parameters previously added to these files are now added to the base trove.conf.

Deprecation Notes

  • The trove::guestagent::backup_aes_cbc_key parameter has been deprecated because the actual parameter in Trove was already deprecated.

  • The trove:use_neutron parameter has been deprecated and has no effect now. This parameter will be removed in a future release.

  • The following parameters have been deprecated and have no effect now.

    • trove::config::trove_taskmanager_config

    • trove::config::trove_conductor_config

  • The following classes have been deprecated and have no effect now.

    • trove::conductor::service_credentials

    • trove::taskmanager::service_credentials

  • The following parameters of the trove::conductor class and the trove::taskmanager class have been deprecated and have no effect.

    • debug

    • log_file

    • log_dir

    • use_syslog

    • log_facility

  • The following resource types have been deprecated.

    • trove_conductor

    • trove_taskmanager

Bug Fixes

  • Now the trove-guestagent service is disabled by default, because this service should be run in instances instead of in hosts. The service can be still enabled by setting the trove::guestagent::enabled parameter to true but this requires careful consideration.