Victoria Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support to configure service_token_roles in authtoken middleware.

  • Add mysql_enable_ndb parameter to select mysql storage engine.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated parameters have been removed. The new per_tenant parameters should be used instead.

    • trove::quota::max_instances_per_user

    • trove::quota::max_volumes_per_user

    • trove::quota::max_backups_per_user


New Features

  • The new trove::keystone::authtoken::interface parameter has been added, which can be used to set the interface parameter in authtoken middleware.


New Features

  • The following classes have been added to set parameters to define service credentials.

    • trove::api::service_credentials

    • trove::conductor::service_credentials

    • trove::guestagent::service_credentials

    • trove::taskmanager::service_credentials

Deprecation Notes

  • The following parameters in trove class has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use the parameters in trove::auth class to set required parameters for keystone v3 auth.

    • nova_proxy_admin_user

    • nova_proxy_admin_pass

    • nova_proxy_admin_tenant_name

    • os_region_name

  • The auto detection of auth_url parameter from www_authenticate_uri is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please set auth_url parameter before the detection is removed.

  • The trove::guestagent::auth_url parmaeter has been deprecated. Use trove::taskmanager::service_credentials::auth_url instead.