Queens Series Release Notes



This release of python-glanceclient syncs up with Queens release of Glance API service, including critical bugfixes to client behaviour against the new Interoperable Image Import feature.

New Features

  • Support for Interoperable Image Import ‘web-download’ import method.

Known Issues

  • Help texts for some properties has possibly outdated links. Please do refer to the documentation of the deployment while we do find a way how to document these references in a way that they do not point user to false information.

Critical Issues

  • Client commands “image-create-via-import” and “image-import” have aligned to the Glance common principles of failing early. This means that client does determine if the call would fail for sure before taking any create actions and thus minimizes the clutter created on the service that the user or admin would potentially need to take action on.

Bug Fixes

  • The following are some highlights of bugfixes included in this release.

    • Bug 1758718: image-import needs to fail faster

    • Bug 1758149: image-create-via-import needs to fail faster

    • Bug 1757927: image-create-via-import does not fail with missing {container,disk}-format for web-download method

    • Bug 1758039: client does not provide way to use ‘web-download’