Train Series Release Notes



This version of python-glanceclient finalizes client-side support for the Glance multiple stores feature. See the Multi Store Support section of the Glance documentation for more information.

Support for Glance multiple stores has been available on an EXPERIMENTAL basis since release 2.12.0. For the Train release, the Image service has finalized how API users interact with multiple stores. See the “Upgrade Notes” section of this document for information about changes this has necessitated in multistore support in the glanceclient.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following Command Line Interface calls now take a --store option:

    • glance image-create

    • glance image-create-via-import

    • glance image-upload

    • glance image-import

    The value for this option is a store identifier. The list of available stores may be obtained from the glance stores-info command.

  • The --backend option, available on some commands on an experimental basis since release 2.12.0, is no longer available. Use --store instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1822052: HTTPClient: actually set a timeout for requests