Victoria Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Bug 1889666: ‘stores’ property added when using image-create-via-import –stores <list>

    • Bug 1886650: Glance client does not correctly forward global request IDs


Other Notes

  • -| For legacy (pre-Rocky) images that do not contain “multihash” metadata, or when the --allow-md5-fallback option is used in cases where the multihash metadata is present but the specified algorithm is not available to the glanceclient, the glanceclient uses an MD5 checksum to validate the download. When operating in a FIPS-compliant environment, however, the MD5 algorithm may be unavailable to the glanceclient. In such a case, (that is, when the MD5 checksum information is available to the glanceclient but the MD5 algorithm is not), the glanceclient will fail the download as corrupt because it cannot prove otherwise. This is consistent with current behavior.