Mitaka Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Introduced command “openstack baremetal introspection abort <UUID>” to abort running introspection for a node.

  • Introspection command got –wait flag to wait for introspection finish.

  • Python API now supports Keystone sessions instead of only authentication token.

  • Inspector service URL can now be fetched from the service catalog.

Upgrade Notes

  • When setting IPMI credentials is requested, the introspection commands prints a notice to stdout. This was not desired, and it is not printed to stderr instead.

Deprecation Notes

  • Passing auth_token directly to the client object constructor is deprecated, please pass session instead.

  • Using default service URL of locahost:5050 is deprecated now. Either use the service catalog or provide an explicit URL.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed MAX_API_VERSION incorrectly set to (1, 0) while API 1.2 is actually fully supported.


New Features

  • Added “introspection data save” command to retrieve stored introspection data for the node.


New Features

  • Add client.get_data() call for getting stored introspection data.

  • Allow multiple UUID’s in the ‘introspection start’ CLI command.