Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The error message returned when running the openstack baremetal introspection interface show command with an interface not associated with the node has been fixed. It now indicates that the interface was invalid.


Upgrade Notes

  • Experimental setting IPMI credentials feature was removed.

  • Support for passing auth_token to ClientV1 was removed. Please create a keystoneauth session and pass it via the session argument instead. If no session is passed, a new session without authentication is created.

  • There is no longer a default introspection API endpoint. Previously, if no endpoint was requested and no endpoint found in the service catalog, was used by default.

  • The deprecated module ironic_inspector_client.client was removed, please use ironic_inspector_client.ClientV1 instead.

Other Notes

  • The ClientV1 constructor now raises a new EndpointNotFound exception when no introspection API endpoint can be detected. Previously this condition was ignored and was used as a fallback.

  • The tox func environment has been renamed to functional.