Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The auto-allocated-topology-delete command allows users to delete the auto allocated topology.

  • CLI support to display the default quota reserved for a tenant.

    • The quota-default-show command outputs the default quota of resources for a given tenant.

  • CLI support for bulk delete.

    • By using this feature, multiple resource can be deleted using a single command.

    • Example: neutron router-delete router_a router_b deletes both router_a and router_b.

  • New create, update, list, show, and delete commands are added for the QoS minimum bandwidth rule.

  • Quota of Loadbalancers and listeners can now be updated.

Deprecation Notes

  • “admin-state-down” option was deprecated in Mitaka and has been removed in Newton.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix CLI quota-update to return an error message for no args

    • quota-update CLI will return an error message Must specify a valid resource with new quota value if no argument is provided while executing it. If arguments are provided with CLI, no existing behavior is changed.

  • Fix ‘bug 1596750 <>’ that using ‘rbac-create’ without specifying ‘target-tenant’ will return ‘Request Failed internal server error while processing your request’. Update the default value of the argument ‘–target-tenant’ to ‘*’

Other Notes

  • This patch provides user the support to use any form of casing, thus removing the specific UPPER/lower case inputs required by different neutron CLIs.


New Features

  • Add network trunk create, network trunk list, network trunk set, network trunk unset, network trunk delete and network subport list OSC commands for trunk resource along with client bindings. [Blueprint vlan-aware-vms]

  • Added support to log ‘x-openstack-request-id’ for each api call.


Deprecation Notes

  • Keystone v3 support for CLI

    • Using ‘tenant_id’ and ‘tenant_name’ arguments in API bindings is deprecated. Use ‘project_id’ and ‘project_name’ arguments instead.

Bug Fixes

  • CLI support to set QoS policy as not shared if it was shared before. The qos-policy-update command include a --no-shared option. Closes bug 1590942.



Adding new QoS DSCP marking rule commands.

New Features

  • New create, update, list, show, and delete commands are added for QoS DSCP marking rule functionality.