Wallaby Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The --phase1-negotiation-mode option supports aggressive mode in VPNaaS ikepolicy commands.


New Features

  • New client methods: create_segment, update_segment, list_segments, show_segment and delete_segment.


New Features

  • The openstack bgp dragent list CLI is added to support showing the list of dynamic routing agents.

  • New client methods: create_port_binding, delete_port_binding, show_port_binding, list_port_bindings and activate_port_binding.

Deprecation Notes

  • The openstack bgp speaker show dragents CLI is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use openstack bgp dragent list --bgp-speaker <bgp-speaker> CLI instead.


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported by python-neutronclient is Python 3.6.

  • The deprecated options --public and --private were dropped in FWaaS v2 related commands. Use --share and --no-share instead.


New Features

  • New client methods: add_extra_routes_to_router and remove_extra_routes_from_router.


New Features

  • Add network onboard subnets OSC command to enable subnet onboard support from the CLI [Blueprint subnet-onboard]

  • Add optional flag to control the advertisement in BGPVPNs of the routes defined on a Router resource (bgpvpn-routes-control API extension).


New Features

  • Adds the remote source firewall group and the remote destination firewall group field to the firewall rules.


New Features

  • CLI support for the “firewal_group” as a loggable resource type for logging feature, which is enhanced FWaaS functionality, as OSC plugin commands.


New Features

  • Add BGP VPN port association support to the CLI, which are introduced for BGP VPN interconnections by the bgpvpn-routes-control API extension.

  • CLI support for ‘Logging’ feature, which enable to collect packet logs for specified resource. Currently, only security-group can be logged.

  • CLI support for VXLAN VNI ID attribute in bgpvpn. An optional argument --vni is added to openstack bgpvpn commands to configure VXLAN Network Identifier when VXLAN encapsulation is used for the bgpvpn.

  • CLI support for the “VPN as a Service” feature, which is enhanced VPNaaS functionality, as OSC plugin commands.

Other Notes

  • Define a new exception type IpAddressAlreadyAllocatedClient. Users can catch this specific exception instead of the generic NeutronClientException.


New Features

  • Add OSC plugin to support “Neutron Dynamic Routing”

  • Add OSC support to create Port pair group for Tap service functions.


Deprecation Notes

  • The --public and --private attribute of Firewall-as-a-Service v2 have been deprecated. While the --public attribute will now be replaced by --share, the --private attribute will be replaced by --no-share. This is because of the similarity between the behavior of --public attribute in FireWall-as-a-Service and the --share attribute used in OpenStack. This deprecation affects the following CLIs.

    • openstack firewall group create

    • openstack firewall group set

    • openstack firewall group unset

    • openstack firewall policy create

    • openstack firewall policy set

    • openstack firewall policy unset

    • openstack firewall rule create

    • openstack firewall rule set

    • openstack firewall rule unset


New Features

  • Add OSC plugin support for the “Networking Service Function Chaining” feature commands along with client bindings. [Blueprint openstackclient-cli-porting]


New Features

  • Adds a new global_request_id parameter to the Client constructors, which will pass that id on all requests as the X-OpenStack-Request-ID header.

  • Tag operation for subnet, port, subnetpool and router resources are now supported.


New Features

  • Add osprofiler support to the neutronclient python binding. If osprofiler is initiated, neutronclient sends a special HTTP header that contains trace info.

  • CLI support for the “Neutron BGP VPN Interconnection” feature, which is an API extension to support inter-connection between L3VPNs/E-VPNs and Neutron resources, as OSC plugin commands.


New Features

  • A new option --no-session-persistence has been added to the neutron lbaas-pool-update CLI to clear the session persistence with which the current pool is associated.

  • Quota for RBAC policies can now be set.

  • Show tenant_id when *-list command is run by admin. In neutron the list operations by admin retrieve all resources from all tenants. It is not easy to distinguish resources without tenant_id. This feature is useful for admin operations.

  • CLI support for the “Firewall as a Service v2” feature, which is enhanced FWaaS functionality, as OSC plugin commands.

Deprecation Notes

  • The neutron CLI is now deprecated. This is the signal that it is time to start using the openstack CLI. No new features will be added to the neutron CLI, though fixes to the CLI will be assessed on a case by case basis. Fixes to the API bindings, as well as development of new API bindings as well as OSC plugins are exempt from this deprecation.


New Features

  • The auto-allocated-topology-delete command allows users to delete the auto allocated topology.

  • CLI support to display the default quota reserved for a tenant.

    • The quota-default-show command outputs the default quota of resources for a given tenant.

  • CLI support for bulk delete.

    • By using this feature, multiple resource can be deleted using a single command.

    • Example: neutron router-delete router_a router_b deletes both router_a and router_b.

  • New create, update, list, show, and delete commands are added for the QoS minimum bandwidth rule.

  • Quota of Loadbalancers and listeners can now be updated.

Deprecation Notes

  • “admin-state-down” option was deprecated in Mitaka and has been removed in Newton.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix CLI quota-update to return an error message for no args

    • quota-update CLI will return an error message Must specify a valid resource with new quota value if no argument is provided while executing it. If arguments are provided with CLI, no existing behavior is changed.

  • Fix ‘bug 1596750 <https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1596750>’ that using ‘rbac-create’ without specifying ‘target-tenant’ will return ‘Request Failed internal server error while processing your request’. Update the default value of the argument ‘–target-tenant’ to ‘*’

Other Notes

  • This patch provides user the support to use any form of casing, thus removing the specific UPPER/lower case inputs required by different neutron CLIs.


New Features

  • Add network trunk create, network trunk list, network trunk set, network trunk unset, network trunk delete and network subport list OSC commands for trunk resource along with client bindings. [Blueprint vlan-aware-vms]

  • Added support to log ‘x-openstack-request-id’ for each api call.


Deprecation Notes

  • Keystone v3 support for CLI

    • Using ‘tenant_id’ and ‘tenant_name’ arguments in API bindings is deprecated. Use ‘project_id’ and ‘project_name’ arguments instead.

Bug Fixes

  • CLI support to set QoS policy as not shared if it was shared before. The qos-policy-update command include a --no-shared option. Closes bug 1590942.



Adding new QoS DSCP marking rule commands.

New Features

  • New create, update, list, show, and delete commands are added for QoS DSCP marking rule functionality.


Critical Issues

  • Fix a critical bug that when lazy translation is enabled NeutronClientException raises a TypeError (bug 1552760).


New Features

  • CLI support for the “get-me-a-network” feature, which simplifies the process for launching an instance with basic network connectivity.

    • The auto-allocated-topology-show command provides the network of the automatically allocated topology for a tenant.

  • CLI support for Layer 7 content policies and rules.

    • L7 policies can be defined for listeners along with the ability to set L7 policy order.

    • Multiple rules can be created for an L7 policy.

  • CLI support for load balancer status tree.

    • The lbaas-loadbalancer-status command provides the status tree of a specific load balancer.

  • New command ‘neutron purge <tenant_id>’ will delete all supported resources owned by the given tenant, provided that the user has sufficient authorization and the resources in question are not shared, in use, or otherwise undeletable.

    Supported resources are: * Networks * Subnets * Routers * Ports * Floating IPs * Security Groups

  • CLI support for QoS policy RBAC.

    • The rbac-create command include a –type qos-policy option.

    • The rbac-list command output includes a new ‘type’ column.

  • CLI support for Neutron-LBaaS v2 shared pools added.

    • Pools can be created independently from listeners.

    • Listeners can share the same default_pool.

    • Makes Layer 7 switching support much more useful.

  • CLI support for tag.

    • The tag-add command sets a tag on the network resource. It also includes --resource-type, --resource and --tag options.

    • The tag-replace command replaces tags on the network resource. It also includes --resource-type, --resource and --tag options. More than one --tag options can be set.

    • The tag-remove command removes tags on the network resource. It also includes --resource-type, --resource, --tag and --all options. The --all option allow to remove all tags on the network resource.

    • The net-list command includes --tags, --tags-any, --not-tags and --not-tags-any options.

  • CLI support for the BGP dynamic routing functionality will help advertising neutron fixed-ips and dvr host routes via BGP.

  • CLI support for default subnetpools.

    • The subnetpool-list and subnetpool-show command output includes the is_default field.

    • The subnetpool-create and subnetpool-update commands include a --is-default option.

  • CLI support for network IP availability

    • The net-ip-availability-list command provides a list of IP usage statistics for all networks.

    • The net-ip-availability-show command provides IP usage stats for a specific network.

  • Neutron client returns ‘x-openstack-request-id’.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug 1450414 that authentication with via --os-token and --os-url options (or corresponding environment variables) does not work after keystone v3 API support.


New Features

  • CLI support for availability zones.

    • The availability-zone-list command provides a list of availability zones.

    • The net-create and router-create commands include a --availability-zone-hint option.

    • The agent-list command output includes availability zones.

  • Added new ‘direct-physical’ vnic-type option for port-create CLI command. Passing this particular value allows for a port to be create with the vnic-type used for assigning SR-IOV physical functions to instances.

  • Support os-client-config. OS_CLOUD environment variable is used for selecting named cloud configuration.

  • Support keystoneauth1 library which brings us better keystone v3 support.

  • Client command extension now supports a child resource.

  • New CLI for VPNaaS multiple local subnets.

  • New CLI for VPNaaS endpoint group API.

  • New CLI for flavor argument to loadbalancer v2 create.

  • New CLI for Neutron flavor framework.

  • Support creating floating IP on a specific subnet ID.

  • NSX gateway extension adds new transport type values (ipsec_gre and ipsec_stt).

  • New router-update option to update static routes (–route and –no-routes).

  • New allowed-address-pairs option to port-update

Upgrade Notes

  • Remove Nuage-specific commands.

  • XML request format support has been removed.

  • Cisco-specific neutron client commands have been removed. These commands are ported to networking-cisco.

  • py26 support has been dropped.

  • py33 support has been dropped.

Deprecation Notes

  • request-format option is deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • Name is no longer looked up on RBAC policies, RBAC policies have no name field so the name query to the server was always returning all entries since the name filter was ignored. (bug 1517818)

Other Notes

  • Addition of CLI user documentation including output filters, extra options, and operation using os-client-config.

  • cliff-tablib has been removed from test dependencies.

  • Start using reno to manage release notes.