Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add BGP VPN port association support to the CLI, which are introduced for BGP VPN interconnections by the bgpvpn-routes-control API extension.

  • CLI support for ‘Logging’ feature, which enable to collect packet logs for specified resource. Currently, only security-group can be logged.

  • CLI support for VXLAN VNI ID attribute in bgpvpn. An optional argument --vni is added to openstack bgpvpn commands to configure VXLAN Network Identifier when VXLAN encapsulation is used for the bgpvpn.

  • CLI support for the “VPN as a Service” feature, which is enhanced VPNaaS functionality, as OSC plugin commands.

Other Notes

  • Define a new exception type IpAddressAlreadyAllocatedClient. Users can catch this specific exception instead of the generic NeutronClientException.


New Features

  • Add OSC plugin to support “Neutron Dynamic Routing”

  • Add OSC support to create Port pair group for Tap service functions.