Pike Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • The --public and --private attribute of Firewall-as-a-Service v2 have been deprecated. While the --public attribute will now be replaced by --share, the --private attribute will be replaced by --no-share. This is because of the similarity between the behavior of --public attribute in FireWall-as-a-Service and the --share attribute used in OpenStack. This deprecation affects the following CLIs.

    • openstack firewall group create

    • openstack firewall group set

    • openstack firewall group unset

    • openstack firewall policy create

    • openstack firewall policy set

    • openstack firewall policy unset

    • openstack firewall rule create

    • openstack firewall rule set

    • openstack firewall rule unset


New Features

  • Add OSC plugin support for the “Networking Service Function Chaining” feature commands along with client bindings. [Blueprint openstackclient-cli-porting]


New Features

  • Adds a new global_request_id parameter to the Client constructors, which will pass that id on all requests as the X-OpenStack-Request-ID header.

  • Tag operation for subnet, port, subnetpool and router resources are now supported.


New Features

  • Add osprofiler support to the neutronclient python binding. If osprofiler is initiated, neutronclient sends a special HTTP header that contains trace info.

  • CLI support for the “Neutron BGP VPN Interconnection” feature, which is an API extension to support inter-connection between L3VPNs/E-VPNs and Neutron resources, as OSC plugin commands.