2023.2 Series (4.5.x) Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handles error code Base.1.12.ActionParameterMissing when dealing with hardware that requires TransferProtocolType for virtual media operations and has different message in RelatedProperties response.

  • Correctly handles errors on a request that is re-tried after refreshing an authentication token.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where sushy would not pass a read/connect timeout through to requests when making requests to a redfish service. This means that an ill-timed failure could cause python processes calling sushy to freeze indefinately.


Bug Fixes

  • Add TransferMethod for any general error that mentions it.

  • Add TransferProtocolType for any general error that mentions it

  • In some cases registries might not be available because the our check for the registry language did not account for a possible country suffix. The logic was improved to take it into account.

  • An issue was encountered on some HPE iLO supported machines where the Baseboard Management Controller would respond with a HTTP 400 error and an error message indicating the requested operation was invalid for the then system state. For example, attempting to change the power state via the BMC shortly after previously changing the power state. We now attempt to retry within the permitted number of retries when this error is encountered.