Yoga Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issues with the refresh of Session based authentication where a previous refresh attempt failing could result in a fallback to Basic authentication and would silently fail. The client library now attempts to re-authenticate.

  • Fixes silent failures when a refresh of an authentication Session fails and was unable to be re-established due to an AccessError. Should this occur, now the AccessError exception is explicitly raised as opposed to attempting to fall back to Basic authentication.

  • Fixes issues where the Session and Basic auth interface would fallback to Basic authentication should a ConnectionError exception occur while attempting to perform an authentication action. ConnectionError exceptions are signs of networking transport issues, and should be investigated. A ConnectionError exception is now raised.

  • Prevents the combined Session and Basic authentication support from falling back to Basic authentication once Session based authentication has been established. This should be considered a potential security issue or an environmental change requiring potential client re-initialization. This is exposed as an AccessError exception. Continued operations against the Sushy library will attempt to reauthenticate, if possible.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved virtualmedia attach failures caused by the lack of TransferProtocolType parameter in the request payload which is required by certain BMCs (e.g. on Nokia servers). This is done by adding capability to retry virtualmedia InsertMedia with the updated payload in such cases.

  • Fixes incompatibility with BMCs that require use of a specific SettingsObject URI specified in @Redfish.Settings resource in order to set BootSourceOverride or similar attributes. For example, this is required on Nokia servers.


New Features

  • Adds support for creating and deleting virtual media TLS certificates.

Bug Fixes

  • Makes the unstripped version of an Etag available in addition to the stripped one in order to support vendor implementations which require one or the other.

  • If available, uses headers with an Etag to set the boot options.

  • The large MessageRegistry objects are no longer logged.



Sushy now exposes Python enums instead of simple string constants. Please check the upgrade notes before updating to this version.

New Features

  • Adds the Revision property to the Drive resource.

  • Adds support for the NetworkAdapter resource to the library.

  • Adds support for the NetworkDeviceFunction and NetworkPort resource to the library.

  • Adds basic support for CertificateService.

  • Allows reading and changing the virtual media fields TransferMethod and VerifyCertificate.

  • Allows reading the virtual media field UserName.

Upgrade Notes

  • Python enumerations are now used instead of strings for all Sushy constants. The old names are kept but now point to enumerated values, so e.g. sushy.POWER_STATE_ON is an alias for sushy.PowerState.ON. Consumers of the library may see breakages in two cases:

    • Relying on literal values of the old constants. Use constants instead.

    • Relying on the fact that Sushy constants are strings (e.g. storing them in a database). You can either use the value attribute to get the underlying string or create your own mapping.

Deprecation Notes

  • The old constant names (not based on enumerations) are now deprecated. For example, use sushy.PowerState.ON instead of sushy.POWER_STATE_ON.

  • resources.task_monitor.TaskMonitor and resources.taskservice.taskmonitor.TaskMonitor that were deprecated in Wallaby are now removed. Use taskmonitor.TaskMonitor instead.

  • Methods create_volume, delete_volume, initialize_volume in volume module that were deprecated in Wallaby are now removed. Use create, delete and initialize instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing boot device string for virtual media from “Cd” to “UsbCd” on SuperMicro machines to match their specific naming convention.