2024.1 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Adds a work-around for cases where Accept-Encoding: identity is not accepted.


Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handles error code Base.1.12.ActionParameterMissing when dealing with hardware that requires TransferProtocolType for virtual media operations and has different message in RelatedProperties response.


New Features

  • Adds a boot_progress mapped object to the System object. Inside of this object, a last_state value maps to values provided by the sushy.BootProgressState enum. Also exposes, for information purposes, the last_boot_seconds_count, last_state_updated_at, and oem_last_state values, which map to the DMTF Redfish values LastBootTimeSeconds, LastStateTime, and OemLastState fields for the BootProgress object.

  • Adds support for virtual media via System resource. For more information, see bug 2039458.

Bug Fixes

  • Correctly handles errors on a request that is re-tried after refreshing an authentication token.


New Features

  • Adds functionality to the set_system_boot_options method permitting an http_boot_uri option to be set.

  • Adds an http_boot_uri option to the System boot object, permitting an API client user to view what the BMC’s redfish HttpBootUri setting is.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing ETag in PATCH operation against Redfish resources with backward compatibility for Redfish implementation which doesn’t work with ETag in header.