Stein Series (1.7.0 - 1.8.x) Release Notes


Security Issues

  • No longer logs passwords and auth tokens in DEBUG mode when using SessionService for authentication.


Bug Fixes

  • Disable HTTP connection pooling by asking HTTP server to close our connection right upon use. The rationale is that some BMC observed in the wild seem to close persistent connections abruptly upon eventual re-use failing completely unrelated operation. So in sushy we just try not to maintain persistent connections with BMC at all.

  • Fixes bug in SimpleStorageCollection.disks_sizes_bytes which assumed the type of a disk’s CapacityBytes property is integer. According to the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Redfish standard schema [1], it can be null, which is converted to None in Python. For more information, see story 2006918.



New Features

  • Establishes linkage between Chassis and ComputerSystem/Managers resources as references at sushy data abstraction level. That makes it possible to look up Chassis by Manager/ComputerSystem or any other way around.

  • Adds support for the Chassis resource to the library.

  • Adds foundation for supporting resource extensibility proposed as OEM extensibility in Redfish specification [1] to the library.

    • Provides an attribute ‘oem_vendors’ in Resource classes to discover the available OEM extensions.

    • Provides a method ‘get_oem_extension()’ in Resource classes to get the vendor defined resource OEM extension object, if discovered.


  • Establishes ComputerSystem->Managers and Manager->ComputerSystems references at sushy data abstraction level what make it possible to look up Manager(s) responsible for a ComputerSystem and vice versa.

  • Adds support for the CompositionService resource to the library.

    The CompositionService is the top level resource for all things related to Composability. If a Redfish service supports Composability, the Service Root resource will contain the CompositionService property.

  • Adds support for the UpdateService resource to the library. UpdateService is responsible for managing firmware updates.

  • Unifies sushy models by Redfish schema bundle.

    These changes introduce and update currently implemented sushy models to comply with the most recent schema bundle[1]. [1]

Bug Fixes

  • Some vendors like HPE iLO has this kind of implementation that for eject virtual media need to pass empty dictionary otherwise throws Unsupported media type error.


New Features

  • Exposes the simple_storage and storage properties from system resource in sushy.

    • simple_storage property indicates a collection of storage controllers and their directly-attached devices associated with the system.

    • storage property refers to a collection of storage subsystem associated with system. Resources such as drives and volumes can be accessed from that subsystem.

  • Adds the Storage resource to the library. It also provides the max size available (in bytes) of drives and volumes that can be accessed from storage.

  • Adds support for the virtual media resource to the library.

  • Adds functionality to pass different requests library session arguments to sushy connector.

  • Adds Product and ProductFeaturesSupported properties support to the Redfish Root Service

Bug Fixes

  • Tries to terminate authenticated Redfish session at BMC Session Service on the event of Sushy object deallocation. This should reduce the chance of authenticated sessions pool exhaustion at some BMCs.