Ocata Series Release Notes

Ocata Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1689507 IPMI port is now possible to specify when registering Nodes. Fixes bug 1688543 Node UUID is not generated by UI when registering nodes any more.


Bug Fixes

  • “Fixes bug 1674789 This change adds a ‘Save and Close’ button to the configuration modal dialog and allows users to decide whether or not they’d like the dialog to close once changes are saved.”

  • Fixes bug 1671100 Fixes a bug in the nodes table toolbar which made the introspect and provide buttons unclickable


New Features

  • Adds tooltips for each of the deployment steps on the deployment plan page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1648888 adds tooltips to the Deployment Plan page

  • Fixes bug 1637131 Available Nodes are now based on registeredNodes as Deployed and Maintenance Nodes are not considered available for deployment

  • Fixes bug 1664892 Jinja2 partials are included in plan creation

  • Fixes bug 1664975 Properly parse numbers as numbers rather than strings in Parameters forms



3.0.0 is the final release for Ocata. It’s the first release where release notes are added.

New Features

  • Internationalization (i18n) support for the TripleO-UI.

  • Improved deployment configuration by providing a way to configure parameters for enabled Environments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1642216 Changes to role configurations are viewed in real time

  • Fixes bug 1643328 The GUI shows that introspection finished

  • Fixes bug 1643339 Error when importing nodes from a bad json file

  • Fixes bug 1644587 to disallow illegal characters in plan names

  • Fixes bug 1644756 Automatic flavor matching when tagging nodes for object-storage and custom roles

  • Fixes node assignment in the UI

  • Fixes bug 1649098 Fix nodes tables always refresh twice

  • Fixes bug 1649997 When tripleo_ui_config.js is used, %(tenant_id)s macro is expanded

  • Fixes bug 1655603 post-deployment validations are not triggered at every login

Other Notes

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