Queens Series Release Notes

Queens Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1750821 Available node counts in Role cards are properly calculated based on node - flavor - role tagging

  • Fixes bug 1750821 Use Nova profiles in node tagging form instead of role profiles


New Features

  • Improvements in Deployment configuration -> Overal Settings, Improved performance, form now shows general error in case when some sub section contains error

  • Improved perfomance in ‘Deployment configuration’ -> ‘Parameters’ section, a general error is shown when sub-section contains validation error

  • Improved perfomance in ‘Role detail’ dialog, a general error is shown when sub-section contains validation error

  • Save and Close button has been added to ‘Role detail’ dialog

  • ‘Role detail’ dialog now persists changes when switching between individual tabs

  • Custom deployment roles selection. Roles section of Deployment plan page now includes ‘Manage Roles’. Clicking the link provides a list of all available roles and lets user select roles intended for deployment.

  • Updating parameters now validates parameters using Heat

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1745408 Parameters form does not load for environments with large amount of parameters

  • Fixes bug 1745408 Parameters form does not load for large amount of parameters


New Features

  • Adds validations status area to navigation bar

  • Validations sidebar is toggleable from navigation bar

  • Modals, Modal panels and validations sidebar transitions are properly animated

  • Responsive layout transitions are animated


New Features

  • Nodes Registration form has been streamlined. After the nodes registration form is submitted, nodes are confirmed valid and registration begins. At this point registration form is closed and remaining registration process is tracked in Nodes listing view.

Security Issues

  • Use up to date uuid library for generating UUIDs instead of deprecated node-uuid


Bug Fixes

  • When there is no active Deployment plan, Nodes tagging dialog displays notification which lets user quickly activate the plan to be able to list select profiles which correspond to plan Roles

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