Stein Series Release Notes

Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Introduced Prepare Container Images as Step 5 in deployment plan page and included container images configuration summary

  • Add wizard to configure container images, user can provide basic container images information, configuration gets automatically generated, user can review and tweak details of the configuration in convenient editor-like interface

  • Added ‘Delete’ and ‘Redeploy’ deployment actions. These actions are available in appropriate phases of deployment lifecycle and allow user to undeploy deployment or redeploy it with updated configuration

  • Available Roles in Roles selection dialog are now displayed in scrollable modal panel view, which allows to submit the form more easily.

  • Role cards are now equal size, to make the cards more organized. Description is truncated when needed.

  • Clicking Role name opens Role details dialog which contains title, complete description, tags, role networks and services

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