Pike Series Release Notes

Pike Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • When there is no active Deployment plan, Nodes tagging dialog displays notification which lets user quickly activate the plan to be able to list select profiles which correspond to plan Roles


New Features

  • Implements websocket-logging Adds an interface where users can request logs from the server

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1701277 Display plan description on plan cards

  • Fixes bug 1707055 Fixes incorrectly generated exported plan URL for specific application configurations


New Features

  • Information about Drives is now available for each Node. List of Drives is accessible through Node action menu in Nodes list view.

  • Nodes List view now fetches and displays introspection data in expanded Node view

  • Nodes listing page now includes information about node Introspection status. Fetching nodes performance has been improved. New option to filter nodes by introspection status has been added.

  • SelectAllCheckBox and SelectAllButton components have been added. Those can be used to include SelectAll feature in item listings. Nodes list view now includes ‘Select All’ button

  • ‘Plans’ are now top level navigation item instead of deployment plan. No deployment plan needs to be active by default. Activating deployment plan is done by visiting plan via url.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1682452 Automatically enable all available languages

  • Fixes bug 1667064 Add a language picker to the login page

  • Fixes bug 1639262 Add manage nodes button to nodes list page

  • Fixes bug 1634718 adds Select All button to Nodes list view


New Features

  • Nodes in list view can be expanded to grant access to additional information about the node.

  • Nodes listing has been reworked, it now provides 2 separate views which can be changed via toolbar content view switcher. Default nodes listing is using ListView component instead of table. New nodes listing provides information about node in more user friendly way. Actions on selected nodes are triggered using action buttons in Nodes toolbar.

  • Added new Toolbar functionality which enables extensive items filtering and sorting. Functionality is represented by Nodes Toolbar available in Nodes listing page

  • Nodes Assignment Modal has been removed and replaced by 2 separate steps. Assigning Node to a Role is now done by tagging node to a certain Flavor in Nodes view. This Flavor then needs to be set in Role configuration. Based on this, count of available Nodes are provided in Deployment Plan page and it is possible to set counts of Nodes intended to be deployed with Roles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1680547 Fix a bug where you had to log into the application on every page reload

  • Fixes bug 1640538 Fixes race condition when displaying the overcloud credentials

  • Fixes bug 1688630 Increase granularity of deployment progress bar to provide more accurate feedback

  • Fixes bug 1680926 Node profile matches Node to flavor which is then matched to Role. Therefore the Node profile value is displayed as a Flavor tag, rather than Role name because these don’t necessarily have to match.

  • Fixes bug 1689507 IPMI port is now possible to specify when registering Nodes. Fixes bug 1688543 Node UUID is not generated by UI when registering nodes any more.

Other Notes

  • Indonesian added to the languages list.



3.0.0 is the final release for Ocata. It’s the first release where release notes are added.

New Features

  • Internationalization (i18n) support for the TripleO-UI.

  • Improved deployment configuration by providing a way to configure parameters for enabled Environments.

  • Enable users to export deployment plans.

  • Adds tooltips for each of the deployment steps on the deployment plan page.

  • Nodes counts assigned to Roles are calculated based on actual ‘Nodes count’ parameters in the plan rather than nodes tagged to Roles

  • Deployment Plan page now displays global number of Nodes available to distribute among Roles as well as number of assigned Nodes and number of Nodes available to assign for each specific Role at given time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1642216 Changes to role configurations are viewed in real time

  • Fixes bug 1643328 The GUI shows that introspection finished

  • Fixes bug 1643339 Error when importing nodes from a bad json file

  • Fixes bug 1644587 to disallow illegal characters in plan names

  • Fixes bug 1644756 Automatic flavor matching when tagging nodes for object-storage and custom roles

  • Fixes node assignment in the UI

  • Fixes bug 1649098 Fix nodes tables always refresh twice

  • Fixes bug 1649997 When tripleo_ui_config.js is used, %(tenant_id)s macro is expanded

  • Fixes bug 1655603 post-deployment validations are not triggered at every login

  • Fixes bug 1655026 Replace karma-based tests with jest/enzyme; remove phantomjs dependency

  • Fixes bug 1648888 adds tooltips to the Deployment Plan page

  • Fixes bug 1637131 Available Nodes are now based on registeredNodes as Deployed and Maintenance Nodes are not considered available for deployment

  • Fixes bug 1648002 by calculating assigned Nodes based on Plan parameter values

  • “Fixes bug 1674789 This change adds a ‘Save and Close’ button to the configuration modal dialog and allows users to decide whether or not they’d like the dialog to close once changes are saved.”

  • Fixes bug 1671100 Fixes a bug in the nodes table toolbar which made the introspect and provide buttons unclickable

  • Fixes bug 1668978 Make the process for adding support for a new language (i18n) simpler by reducing the number of steps necessary. This change modifies the format of the language setting in the main configuration file from a list to an object.

  • Fixes bug 1664892 Jinja2 partials are included in plan creation

  • Fixes bug 1664975 Properly parse numbers as numbers rather than strings in Parameters forms

Other Notes

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