Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds an undercloud heat-manage purge_deleted cron job validation.


Upgrade Notes

  • Validate that there are no volumes formatted with XFS and ftype=0. Deployments from OpenStack Kilo or Liberty have XFS partitions formatted with ftype=0, which is incompatible with the docker overlayfs driver. From OpenStack Newton, we have support for XFS ftype=1 by default. This check will make fail the pre-upgrade validations if there are deployments coming back from Kilo or Liberty and have XFS partitions with ftype=0.


New Features

  • Adds a lookup plugin to retrieve server information from the Nova API. Results can be filtered by server attributes.

  • Adds a lookup plugin for ironic nodes. Nodes can be queried by id or instance uuid.

  • Adds a node health validation. The validation tries to ping all overcloud nodes. For those that can’t be reached some information is collected from nova and ironic to display in the validation output.

Bug Fixes

  • In order to use tripleo-ansible-inventory with a different stack name, that name had to be specified with –plan. This commit adds help for the –plan cli arg, and also adds a new –stack cli arg that has the same effect. If both are specified, –stack will take precedence.


New Features

  • Add a new validation to ensure DNS resolution working on both undercloud and overcloud nodes.

  • Enhanced the network environment validation to validate the node IP pool size. Warnings are issued if there are not enough IPs in any pools for all assigned nodes.

Bug Fixes

  • Added additional input validation to the ctlplane-ip-range validation. The validation now ensures the lower IP bound is smaller than the upper bound.


Bug Fixes

  • tripleo-ansible-inventory has been updated to output the vars sections after the children sections. Due to a change in ansible 2.4, having them in the other order caused no hosts to match the generated static inventory. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1729058


New Features

  • Ansible-style module documentation has been added to our custom modules so they can be described with the ansible-doc command.

Bug Fixes