Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • New validation to check for the Nova Event Callback feature configuration on the Overcloud Controller(s).


New Features

  • Validation of required running Docker containers on a containerized undercloud

  • Validation of open ports running on a containerized undercloud

  • Allows to list specific directories to check

  • Matches listed directories to actual mounts

  • Ensure sufficient free space is available on volumes of interest

  • Adds a hardware requirements validation that checks flavors and compute resources for minimum values needed for either a test or production environment and looks for the existence of the required images.

  • Adds a network requirements validation for OpenShift which checks if there is an external network set on the overcloud.


New Features

  • Adds an undercloud heat-manage purge_deleted cron job validation.


Upgrade Notes

  • Validate that there are no volumes formatted with XFS and ftype=0. Deployments from OpenStack Kilo or Liberty have XFS partitions formatted with ftype=0, which is incompatible with the docker overlayfs driver. From OpenStack Newton, we have support for XFS ftype=1 by default. This check will make fail the pre-upgrade validations if there are deployments coming back from Kilo or Liberty and have XFS partitions with ftype=0.


New Features

  • New validation to check for the SELinux Enforcing mode on the Undercloud.

  • New validation to check for latest minor version of python-tripleoclient

  • New module to check for new minor and major versions of a package

Deprecation Notes

  • The --static-inventory argument to tripleo-ansible-inventory has been deprecated and aliased to --static-yaml-inventory. See bug 1751855.