Train Series Release Notes


Deprecation Notes

  • Since Panko has been deprecated during the Train cycle, the ceilometerdb-size validation is now considered as deprecated as well.


New Features

  • The behavior of the ironic-boot-configuration validations has changed substantially in acknowledgment that deploy images may or may not be Glance images. The new validatoin logic is more generalized than before, in that now it checks that the deploy images associated to the nodes of a certain arch/platform do not exceed a certain standard of diversity.


New Features

  • The behavior of the ironic-boot-configuration validation has changed in order to suppport multi-arch. It now checks that each node has the correct associated ramdisk and kernel image according to the node’s architecture and platform, and, when it does appear that the correct image is associated, checks that there is only one image in Glance with that name. Also, the vars deploy_kernel_name and deploy_ramdisk_name have changed to deploy_kernel_name_base and deploy_ramdisk_name_base respectively.

Upgrade Notes

Deprecation Notes

  • The Neutron LBaaS project was retired and support for it in TripleO removed.

Other Notes

  • The deployment-images validation has been removed, as its intended functionality became inseparable from ironic-boot-configuration in the multi-arch case.