Database instance status

Trove is maintaining two types of status, named status and operating_status.

status is reflecting the trove instance VM status and instance task status, e.g. after successfully creating a trove instance, the status is ACTIVE, when doing backup, the status is BACKUP, etc.

operating_status is the actual database status inside the trove instance, trove guest agent is actively monitoring the database status and reporting back to trove, e.g. when MySQL service is up and running, the operating_status should be HEALTHY, if MySQL service is not running for some reason, the operating_status is SHUTDOWN.

The possible values for status are:


The database instance creation request is just received by Trove.


The database instance is being installed.


The database instance is up and running.


The database instance is rebooting.


The database instance is being resized.


The database instance is upgrading its datastore, e.g. from mysql 5.7.29 to mysql 5.7.30


The database service needs to restart, e.g. due to the configuration change.


A replica instance in the replication cluster is being promoted to the primary.


The current primary instance in a replication cluster is being ejected, one of the replicas is going to be elected as the new primary.


One of the replicas in a replication cluster is being detached and will become a standalone instance.


The database instance is being shutdown during deletion.


The database instance is being backed up.