OpenStack Upstream Institute Training Content

OpenStack Upstream Institute Training Content


Slides are made with Hieroglyph. To skim through slides quickly to find something, or jump ahead or back, use Slide table (press t in the browser). Some slides include additional explanation in the Presenter notes (press c to see them).


Most of the course content is being moved to the Contributor Guide. In the future, all that will live here are exercises that accompany the Guide.


Setup the Development Environment

Module Tags

The table below tags the modules relevant to different positions.

  • Management: Manages people that contribute to, deploy or use OpenStack.
  • Operator: Operates or is starting to deploy OpenStack.
  • User: Uses or is starting to use OpenStack.
  • New Developer: No experience with OpenStack at all. Never tried to contribute and has little to no base knowledge.
  • Developer: Has some experience with OpenStack and the contribution process, but could use some reference materials.
  Management Operator User New Dev Dev
OpenStack as a Software    
Openstack as a Community    
Environment Setup        
Offical Projects
Release Cycle
Contribution Process        
Registration & Accounts        
Task Tracking  
Commit Messages      
Project Status & Zuul      
Setup & First Patch        
Demo Environment        
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