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Non-Code Contributor Guide

As with all Open Source communities, there are more ways to contribute than to push code. If you’re interested in doing that, great! You’ll want to start over here with the Introduction guide instead. If not, you’ve come to the right place!

First, we would like to say welcome to our community! We may look big and confusing at the start, but we promise that we are here to help you find your place and answer your questions.

Depending on what you’re interested in and the level of involvement you would like to have, we have something for you! In the following sections of this guide, we will cover all the different ways of contributing that don’t deal with writing code.

Getting to Know the Community

These sections of the guide will help you get to know our community’s structure - how we organize ourselves, how we organize the work we do along a timeline, and what events we have to help us get things done.

  • Events are essential to our community health and development process. While we as contributors span the globe, we occasionally get together to make progress face to face.

  • OpenStack Governance is not always the most thrilling topic, but its important to understand how we organize ourselves to help get the work done efficiently.

  • Releases and understanding the process that the different OpenStack components go through gives context to how we work as a community.

Communicating with the Community

These sections of the guide help you set up the tools you might need to communicate with different parts of the community.

  • Setup IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is our synchronous way of communicating.

  • Account Setup are important for a variety of activies such as participating in elections, filing bugs in our community task trackers, and submitting speaker presentations.

  • Communication is the most important thing we can teach you in this guide. Without our mailing lists, IRC, and other community tools, we would not be able to collaborate across the globe to build the amazing software that we do.

Non-Code Contribution Types

  • Mentoring in the OpenStack community is set up to be a light weight cohort style program where each cohort focuses on accomplishing a specific goal.