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The Cohorts

As it stands right now, there are 4 mentoring cohorts:

  • Get your first patch merged: Mentors will assist mentees with crafting a change, understanding and adhering to the Developers Guide, submitting to Gerrit, responding to reviews, and ultimately having their change accepted.

  • First CFP submission or Give your first talk: Mentors will assist mentees with submitting a CFP and preparing to give a talk. This could be for OpenStack Summit, OpenStack Days, a local meetup, or another conference or event.

  • Deploy your first Cloud: Mentors will provide assistance to mentees deploying OpenStack for the first time. This could involve analysis of available deployment tools, configuration, or troubleshooting.

  • Become COA certified or study for COA: Mentors will provide support and guidance to mentees as they prepare for the COA exam.

If there is a topic you are interested in mentoring someone in, or being mentored in, the organizers are always looking for new ideas! Please fill out the form below that corresponds to your roll and let them know!

Participating as a Mentor

The first thing you’ll want to do is sign up using this mentor form. This will get you into our spreadsheet of mentors so that we can keep track of who is working with which group so when we need to help bolster certain cohorts with calls for mentors, we can see who is already involved.

Participating as a Mentee

Similar to being a mentor, the first thing you’ll want to do is sign up using this mentee form. This will help us know who is participating and what their goals are.

Join the Mailing List & IRC Channel


This section assumes you have completed the :doc: ‘/common/irc’ section of the contributor guide. It might also be helpful to cover the more generic information about mailing lists in the Communication page’s Mailing Lists (ML) section as well.

Mentoring Mailing List

The mailing list is where most day to day asynchronous interactions happen. Here is where you can get subscribed and view ML archives.

When sending emails to the ML, if your subject is specific to one cohort, please use the relevant tag:

  • [first-patch] for getting your first patch merged

  • [first-cfp] for giving your first conference talk

  • [first-cloud] for deploying your first cloud

  • [coa] for becoming a Certified OpenStack Administrator

Both mentors and mentees should subscribe to stay up to date with conversations.


On IRC, we also have a dedicated channel for the topics our cohorts focus on. Please join #openstack-mentoring whenever you are online to stay in the loop and meet other people that have overlapping timezones- both mentors and mentees.

General Information

The cohort program is hosted under the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. For more information about the cohort program, you can check out their wiki.