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There are many resources available to operators. Some are maintained by the operator community while others are maintained by the upstream developers. Below are brief descriptions of guides to hopefully help you get to the information you need quicker!


If you find any issues with the guides, please file a bug! Better yet, fix the bug! On each page of the documentation there is a link in the top right corner to the place bugs are filed (could be Launchpad or StoryBoard depending on the repository).

The order the guides are presented in is the typical order they are needed in, but of course you should feel free to explore them in any order you like.

Architecture Guides

The Architecture Guide provides basic information about designing an OpenStack cloud. This guide discusses the basics, common use cases, and architecture design requirements.

Virtual Machine Image Guides

The VM Image Guide explains how to ‘obtain, create and modify VM images that are compatible with OpenStack.’

Operations Guide

The Operations Guide is generally focused on what happens after day 1 of spinning up an OpenStack Cloud. It offers some basic setup information, but the majority of the content is about maintenance, troubleshooting, user facing capabilities, and scaling.

Security Guide

The Security Guide provides information about ways to keep your cloud secure. It covers everything from identity and secrets management to per service security options (compute, networking, storage, messaging, etc.)

Share and Learn From Real Configurations

Example configurations for various OpenStack services are provided in the openstack/osops-example-configs repository. Operators can share their configuration files to help others, and review how others setup and tune their configurations.