Adrian - infrastructure architect

Adrian spends a lot of time reading and researching information about OpenStack and other cloud technologies. Adrian has attended more than one OpenStack summit, and contributes solutions to the community regularly. Adrian values OpenStack and is committed to drive adoption. Adrian’s priority, however, is a fully functional and stable cloud that fulfills all of his requirements. Your development affects Adrian if it modifies the scope, implementation, or usage of OpenStack.

Key tasks

Adrian performs the following tasks very frequently:

  • Decision making: Considers adoption of OpenStack based on financial, strategic, architecture, and security advantages.

  • Hardware configurations: Determines if a hardware configuration suits the requirements of a cloud instance and if an OpenStack solution running on such hardware is the best possible option.

  • User experience: Considers application developers, the development processes, and the end users when recommending and installing cloud instances.

  • Cloud planning: Defines and plans the cloud while considering hardware, platform choices, services, and scale.

Your development

Adrian’s main concern is the cloud’s architecture. Adrian interacts directly with OpenStack and has probably developed many pieces that were needed. Your development targets Adrian if it makes any changes to the way clouds are implemented and deployed. Any new features, fixes, and limitations are important to Adrian.

The reasons that would deter Adrian from recommending OpenStack are frequent instabilities, non-deterministic errors, the inability to create an environment, and missing documentation. Similarly to the domain operator, Adrian needs to know about any outage conditions that may occur on both testing and production environments.

The organizational models

Within a small organization, such as Rifkom or Nikishi University, Adrian might be required to assume some roles and responsibilities of a Cloud Operator or, more rarely, a Domain Operator. Within a larger organization, like CNBB Securities, Adrian’s tasks are performed by the team planning and implementing the cloud instances. See The model companies for more information on how Adrian fits into different user ecosystems.