Numbers and units of measure

When using numbers in running text, follow these guidelines:

  • Spell out numbers from one to nine. However, use numerals for units of measure.

  • Use Arabic numerals for numbers above ten.

  • If a numeral starts a sentence, spell it out. For example: Five thousand environments have been deployed during the last six months.

  • In one sentence, use either a spelled-out number or a numeral, not both.

  • Use a comma if a numeral includes more than 4 digits. For example: 50,000.

In mathematical expressions:

  • Use the x symbol for multiplication.

  • Add a space between numbers and operators. For example: 256 x 2 = 512.

When using units of measure in running text, follow these guidelines:

  • Use the corresponding unit symbol if a unit of measure comes immediately after a numeral.

    • Kb for kilobit

    • KB for kilobyte

    • kbps for kilobits per second

    • GB for gigabyte

    • Gbit for gigabit

    • MB for megabyte

  • Do not pluralize an abbreviated unit of measure.

  • Add a space between a numeral and a unit of measure.