Word choice

Word choice

This section offers conventions around general English usage and the terms that are not covered in the Glossary. Additionally, use the IBM Terminology as a reference.

The following table lists the preferred word or phrase choice.

Preferred word choice

Word Do not use
and so on etc.
back end (noun)

backend, back-end

In general, avoid. Use a more specific term, such as server, operating system, or network.

back-end (adj) backend, back end
cancel abort
complete done, finish
command line (noun) command-line
command-line (adj) command line
compute node Compute node
data store datastore
delete destroy
to do something in order to do something
Ethernet ethernet
example i.e, e.g.
host name hostname, Hostname
lifecycle life cycle
login (noun) logon, log-in
log in (verb) login
OpenStack openstack, Openstack
plug-in plugin
run, issue, start, enter Avoid using “execute” unless it is the most appropriate term in the context.
select check
setup (noun) set up, set-up
set up (verb) setup
an SQL a SQL
such as like
verify be sure
X-as-a-Service X as a Service
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