Welcome to Ironic’s developer documentation!

Welcome to Ironic’s developer documentation!


Ironic is an OpenStack project which provisions bare metal (as opposed to virtual) machines. It may be used independently or as part of an OpenStack Cloud, and integrates with the OpenStack Identity (keystone), Compute (nova), Network (neutron), Image (glance), and Object (swift) services.

The Bare Metal service manages hardware through both common (eg. PXE and IPMI) and vendor-specific remote management protocols. It provides the cloud operator with a unified interface to a heterogeneous fleet of servers while also providing the Compute service with an interface that allows physical servers to be managed as though they were virtual machines.

An introduction to ironic’s conceptual architecture is available for those new to the project.

Site Notes

This site is primarily intended to provide documentation for developers interested in contributing to or working with ironic. It also contains references and guides for administrators which are not yet hosted elsewhere on the OpenStack documentation sites.

This documentation is continually updated and may not represent the state of the project at any specific prior release. To access documentation for a previous release of ironic, append the OpenStack release name to the URL, for example:

Bare Metal API References

Ironic’s REST API has changed since its first release, and continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of the community. Here we provide a conceptual guide as well as more detailed reference documentation.

Administrator’s Guide

Driver References

Every driver author is expected to document the use and configuration of their driver. These pages are linked below.

Command References

Here are references for commands not elsewhere documented.

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