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Project Onboarding

This document should help you understand how to contribute to OpenStack-Ansible.

Project repositories

The OpenStack-Ansible project has different kinds of git repositories, each of them with specific use cases, and different sets of practices.

Repository type or name

Code location

Repository purpose

Also called integrated repository

Our main repository, used by deployers. Uses the other repositories.

The OpenStack-Ansible roles repositories

Each role is in charge of deploying exactly one component of an OpenStack-Ansible deployment.

The tests repository
The tests repository is the location for common code used in the integrated repo and role repos tests.
It allows us to not repeat ourselves: it is the location of common playbooks, common tasks and scripts.
The specs repository

This repository contains all the information concerning large bodies of work done in OpenStack-Ansible, split by cycle.

The ops repository

This repository is an incubator for new projects, each project solving a particular operational problem. Each project has its own folder in this repository.

External repositories

OpenStack-Ansible is not re-inventing the wheel, and tries to reuse as much as possible existing roles. A bugfix for one of those repositories must be handled to these repositories’ maintainers.

How to contribute on code or issues

  • For contributing code and documentation, you must follow the OpenStack practices. Nothing special is required for OpenStack-Ansible.

    See also the OpenStack developers getting started page. and our contributor guidelines before hacking.

  • For helping on or submitting bugs, you must have an account on ubuntu Launchpad. All our repositories share the same Launchpad project.

    Please check our bug report and bug triage processes.

    Easy to fix bugs are marked with the tag low hanging fruit, and should be the target of first time contributors.

  • For sharing your user experience, stories, and helping other users, please join us in our IRC channel.

  • The OpenStack-Ansible project has recurring tasks that need attention, like releasing, or other code duties. See our page Periodic work.

Community communication channels

IRC channel


The OpenStack Community moved the IRC network from Freenode to OFTC on May 31, 2021. All the current IRC channels used in The OpenStack community are registered in OFTC network too.

The OpenStack-Ansible community communicates a lot through IRC, in the #openstack-ansible channel, on OFTC. This channel is logged, and its logs are published on http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-ansible/.

Weekly meetings are held in our IRC channel. The schedule and logs can be found on http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#OpenStack_Ansible_Deployment_Meeting. Next meeting agenda can be found on our Meetings wiki page.

Mailing lists

A member of the OpenStack-Ansible community should monitor the OpenStack-discuss mailing lists.

All our communications should be prefixed with [openstack-ansible].