Common Terms

Design Summit

The ‘Design Summit’ is the previous name for the developer-oriented event that used to happen concurrently with the OpenStack Summit. Design Summits have been split into two separtate events: the Forum at the OpenStack Summit, and the Project Teams Gathering.


The ‘Forum’ is one of the pillars of the OpenStack Summit event. It is where the community gets together to discuss the future of OpenStack. See Forum for details.


Internet Relay Chat is a real-time communication platform used by many open source projects. See Public Meetings on IRC and Project IRC Channels for details about how OpenStack uses IRC, and for tips for setting up a client.

Mid-cycle sprints

Midcycle sprints or meetups are optional in-person gatherings focused around a project team or a specific initiative within the community. See Sprints for details.

Project Teams Gathering (‘PTG’)

The ‘Project Teams Gathering’ is an event for upstream project team members to get together to bootstrap a new development cycle and organize the work for the remainder of the cycle. See Project Teams Gathering for details.


A Project Team Lead is a member of a project team elected to lead and represent that team for a release cycle. See Technical Committee and PTL Elections for more details.


The OpenStack Technical Committee is responsible for governance of the technical contributors to the project. See for more details.