Spreading the Word

As a TC initiative during the Xena cycle, we took on the task of putting together a list of possible places you as PTLs could help spread the word about what you and your team mates do. Getting the word out about your project is a great way to get additional contributors and users, for both your project and OpenStack as a whole. Not everyone enjoys talking to groups or writing, so we’ve put together a list of potential opportunities so you can choose what makes you comfortable.

Live Streams

Live Streams tend to be more low key and conversational so a great way to present information without standing up in a room at a conference to present.

  1. OpenInfra Live - https://openinfrafoundation.formstack.com/forms/openinfralive

    • OpenInfra Live is “A conversation around all things open infrastructure” hosted by the Open Infrastructure Foundation. It consists of:

    • 1 hour sessions every week, 2021 only

    • Product focused (reasonably technical and can cover Red Hat OpenStack Platform as a product) think of people at a trade show session

  2. Cloud Tech Tuesdays - reach out to amy@demarco.com or amy@redhat.com

    • Cloud Tech Tuesdays is intended to cover all aspects of the stack from infrastructure to application and is hosted on the OpenShift.tv Twitch stream.

    • 1 hour sessions every 2 weeks

    • Upstream focused, less product oriented, can be highly technical, not as polished

    • Shows start with a presentation/demo and ask questions during it so it becomes more of a conversation and end with more questions if there are any.


Blogging - These are a diverse set of blogs for anything from overviews, introductory articles, or deep dives.

  1. https://openstack.org/blog

  2. https://superuser.openstack.org

  3. https://blogs.rdoproject.org

  4. https://ironicbaremetal.org/blog

  5. https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/join-community

  6. https://www.opensource.com

  7. https://lwn.net/

  8. Add it here!