Technical Guides

This chapter contains basic technical guidelines to help you design and set up an OpenStack project.

This content is aspirational, and not prescriptive - while working towards a universally consistent technical design is laudable, it is often impractical, given technical debt, architectural decisions, and project constraints.

Using Unified Limits

Base services

OpenStack services rely on external services to deliver their functionality. Base services are external services that OpenStack components can assume will be present in any OpenStack deployment. OpenStack components may therefore leverage advanced features exposed by those base services without needing to reimplement the wheel locally.

The Technical Committee maintains the list of base services.

The Technical Committee constantly considers new additions to the list, conservatively weighing the benefit of that service against the additional operational cost for OpenStack deployers.

API guidelines

We strive to improve the experience of API end users by converging the OpenStack API to a consistent and pragmatic RESTful design. The API SIG maintains a set of API guidelines to that effect.

Best practices for project setup