Repository Handling

Project Renames

If you rename a project to move out from “openstack” namespace to any other namespace, follow this OpenStack TC resolution.

For a project being added to existing official OpenStack project: Create an openstack/governance change and add a “Depends-On: project-change-url” of the change you make in the following steps to the commit message, and add a comment in the openstack/project-config change that references the governance change. You will also make sure the PTL has expressed approval for the addition in some way.

If you rename an existing official OpenStack project, add the openstack/governance change as dependency on the openstack/project-config change so that it can merge after the rename is done.

The detailed steps for renaming a project are documented in the section Project Renames of the OpenDev Manual.

Retiring a Repository

If you need to retire a project and no longer accept patches, it is important to communicate that to both users and contributors. The following steps will help you wind down a project gracefully.


The following sections are really separate steps. If your project has jobs set up, you need to submit four different changes as explained below and in the OpenDev Manual. We recommend to link these changes with “Depends-On:” and “Needed-By:” headers.

Step 1: Stop requirements syncing (if set up)

Submit a review to the openstack/requirements project removing the project from projects.txt. This needs to happen for stable branches as well.

Steps 2-4: Remove Project from OpenDev and Retire it

Follow the steps about Retiring a Project in the OpenDev Manual.

Step 5: Remove Repository from the Governance Repository

Remove the repository from the reference/projects.yaml file and add it to the file reference/legacy.yaml in the openstack/governance repository. Note that if the project was recently active, this may have implications for automatic detection of ATCs.