Ocata Series Release Notes


Known Issues

  • The instance reservation feature is not available in this release because it depends on Nova API extensions. Support for these extensions was completely removed from Nova in Newton (see Remove support for API extensions). Expect the instance reservation feature to be implemented differently in a future release.

Upgrade Notes

  • All entities in the ‘climate’ namespace, such as those used in policy.json and some configuration values, have moved to the ‘blazar’ namespace in the Ocata release. When upgrading Blazar, please replace all configuration values including the ‘climate’ string by their ‘blazar’ equivalent.

Deprecation Notes

  • The Blazar-specific Nova scheduler filter named ClimateFilter is now deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Please use BlazarFilter instead. This change is part of the transition from Climate (the old name of this project) to Blazar.

  • Commands which have ‘climate’ in their name are deprecated in Ocata. They will be completely removed in the Pike release. Instead of commands starting with ‘climate’, the Blazar project supports commands starting with ‘blazar’ from Ocata.