Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes database migrations with Alembic 1.5.0 or greater. For more details, see bug 1912502.

  • Updates the on_start failure handlers to look up the freepool aggregate by ID, not by name, when moving hosts back to the freepool. Fixes issue where hosts wind up without any aggregate during lease start failure. For more details, see bug 1847821.

  • Fixes host creation in the presence of availability zones with no hosts. For more details, see bug 1880646.


New Features

  • Blazar now supports API microversions. All API changes should be made while keeping backward compatibility. The API version is specified in the OpenStack-API-Version HTTP header. To view the mininum and maximum supported versions by API, access the / and /versions resources. The Blazar API will include supported versions in the response data.

  • Adds support for updating floating IP reservations, with some limitations. The amount of reserved floating IPs can be updated; however, updating network_id is denied and required_floatingips can only be changed to an empty list.

  • Adds support for global_request_id to the RequestId middleware. An inbound header of X-OpenStack-Request-ID is accepted as long as it is of the format req-$uuid, and made available to oslo.context. This allows for cross-project request ID tracking. By default, global request IDs will not appear in the Blazar service logs. Operators need to add global_request_id in the logging_context_format_string configuration option.

  • Blazar now uses oslo.middleware for request_id processing which will now return a new X-OpenStack-Request-ID header in the response to each Restful API request. Also, operators can see request_id, user_id and project_id by default in logs for better tracing and it is configurable via the [DEFAULT]/logging_context_format_string option.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes placement operations in multi-region deployments.

Other Notes


New Features

  • Added a new resource plugin supporting floating IPs. This plugin enables users to reserve floating IPs from Neutron. To try the plugin, add virtual:floatingip to the [manager]/plugins configuration option in blazar.conf. For the API schema, see details of the APIs in the Lease API reference and Floating IP API reference.

    Note that this feature is available as a preview but is not yet complete. The Blazar CLI does not yet support it, documentation is incomplete, and the Update Lease API is not implemented. Floating IP reservation will be fully completed in the next release.